OpenCPN 5.2

Manages GPS and ENC data for sailing cource plotting
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Plan a course for a sailboat or any other marine vehicle in real time by tracking your location and applying current data to electronic navigational charts. Supported features include navigation with ship-tracking functions, Waypoint navigation, autopilot output support, etc.

OpenCPN is a chart navigation program for vessels of any type and magnitude.
The program allows creating routes and tracking them if GPS is available. It creates routes by inserting way-points; way-points are editable and can be added or removed from the routes already created. The program reads GPS data; if GPS is connected to the computer, your positions will be shown on the program's interface. If GPS is not available, this program may be used as a simple planning tool.

The application accepts both Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and Raster Navigational charts (RNC), which can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Tides and currents can be showed on the chart by enabling any or both of them on the toolbar.

OpenCPN is a light-weight program that doesn’t require too much space and memory on your hard drive. There is help documentation included into the program, but if it is not enough, you can find a lot of helpful information in different languages on the program's and other various websites. The application runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Free
  • Works with or without GPS
  • Allows sending routes to the GPS
  • Uses ENC and RNC charts
  • There is a lot of information related to this
  • program on the Internet


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